We’ve Been On a Bear Hunt

As September arrived and the children went back to school, here at Little Lizzie’s we’ve stomped through grass, splashed through rivers, squelched through mud, run through forests, and fought our way through a snowstorm. Its been quite the expedition!

Using the classic children’s book,  ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ we created a wonderful bear cave in the playroom, went on adventurous nature walks, and updated the tuft tray in our outside play area to recreate the settings in the book. All of the children loved to explore this and used it to tell their own stories inspired by the original tale.

Everyone had great fun creating an autumnal tree for the playroom window, reading the book together, pretending to be the bear, and had lots of fun playing with the words we can use to describe our world alongside exploring the textures and sound of the natural world itself.


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