Up and Autumn

As the children returned to school for a brand new year, the leaves began to turn and the hooleys started to appear. We’ve looked at what Autumn has to offer and had an abundance of Fall related activities for both our early year’s children and babies as well as the after-schoolers.

There’s been trips to the coast to enjoy watching the waves, tactile discovery with the stones and the sand. It’s a pure delight to watch how the children interact with nature with such fearlessness and intrigue!

We’ve wrapped up warm for days at the park and on the way back seen squirrels and collected treasure in our pockets to use in our crafts and our tuft tray.

The sounds, sights, colours and changing of autumn have all been explored. And we’ve looked at the local wildlife, including two intrepid explorers who spotted a squirrel on the way home, which they’d been learning all about from the book Tree.

This wonderful time of year has inspired some brilliant crafts for all the children. We’ve made trees and owls, colour-matched with hedgehogs and used our imaginations to create wonderful, autumnal collages.

And we’ve even had some help keeping the leaves tidy in the garden!

Now that the weather is starting to get a little chillier, we’re going to start exploring hot and cold as we wait for the first snow of winter!

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