Understanding Democracy – The Election at Little Lizzies

It was hard to escape the General Election 2017 so the children joined in on the day by running their own election campaigns for a Little Lizzie MP.

All of the children got involved, taking turns to share their opinions and ideas to ensure a true democratic process!

They divided into two parties; The Oreo Cookie Party and The Snail and the Whale Party. Together they devised their own manifestos which detailed their priorities. The appointed party leaders then delivered them with fantastic flair to the electorate!

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After considering the different policies proposed, the excited electorate deliberated hard before choosing how to cast their individual votes. The ballot was counted by the nominated official and the winner was – The Oreo Cookie Party!

This activity allowed the children to take ownership of their own game and encouraged them to work cooperatively, both in devising their campaigns and listening to one another to respect each individual’s ideas.

The winning manifesto!

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