The Castle on the Hill

Two very happy boys got to learn all about Medieval life during our Summer Holiday Club. We’re so lucky in Suffolk to be surrounded by so many beautiful historic buildings that all provide a lot of fun and learning for the children.

During an English Heritage event at Framlingham Castle, these two got to learn all about life at this time, building wattle and daub walls, seeing how things were kept tidy and, of course, how to be a Knight!

Exploring the castle and it’s history really captured their imaginations and we had lots of fun discussions about what castle life would have been like.

And of course, no trip to the castle on the hill is complete without an adventure around the moat and we had lots of fun in the fresh air exploring the ups and downs of the hills and finding all the secrets outside the castle wall, from the dungeons to the underneath of the drawbridge.

Back home, they were so inspired by their big day out. Under David’s careful watch they made bows and shields, which they of course decorated with their own banner colours!

The brave Knights of Little Lizzies are looking forward to their next quest!

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